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(Pelaaja: Taika)

Private Charlotte Nytorp
Ger∂r, born 2127, 175 cm, 60 kg
FLAT: ST 9 DX 10 IQ 11 WILL 12 HT 11
Speed 5.25
IMPLANTS: Basic Biomods
Willpower Aptitude +2, Curiosity, Code of honor: personal, Duty: JSF
Scandinavian, Spanish, English, Philosophy (social)-10, Guns (kinetic)-10, Free Fall-9, Vacc Suit-9, Memetic Reistance-10, Life Support Ops-10, El Ops (astronav)-9, El Ops (commo)-9, Savoir-Faire (military)-10, Tactics-9, Gesture-10, Psychology-8, Carousing-10
Prejudiced against the Republic but willing to challenge it

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